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Numbers Top in Iridescent Purple Fabric

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This new design is born for the gal on the go! The drawstring allows for 3 different varieties to style for any occasion - short to whatever length you like. It is fun piece that covers the midriff if you wear it extended & can also be worn short to show the tummy styled here a tiny bit peaking out above the belly button but below the braThe elastic at the neck makes the shape fit lots of different body types comfortably. 

Fitted in the ribcage when ruched, this season we decided to cut it in playful iridescent purple fabric. It is subtly see through, but in the best way possible. For work, I'd wear with your favorite black undershirt, at night you can style with brightly colored or black underthings! 

100% recycled poly 

Necklace by Rachel Duane of HABIT - all garments and jewelry available at Jardín - 2608 Dunlavy Street, Houston, TX, 77006

- Everything is now made from start to finish in Houston. Isabel designs in the shop, creates the samples herself & production is made in Houston by a handful of highly skilled tailors, benefiting the local economy and reducing waste on all fronts.

- Fabrics are from Ragfinders in LA, a deadstock fabric source that diverts high quality luxury brand's overstock or past season's fabrics from the landfill by reselling to smaller brands like us! These fabrics are incredible and we test each one for wearability and washability before doing a production run. The general hope is to reduce landfill waste by using beautiful materials that already exist in the world. 

- Creating in small weekly batches allows for us to provide custom sizes & shapes for clients at Jardín. Also, we are strictly selling direct to consumer (DTC), so it allows for our prices to be reasonable and more affordable than your average independent brands out there that are also selling & competing with wholesale price structures. That said, we are working towards offering wholesale in Spring 2024.

- When ordering online, please allow 2 weeks because sometimes we have to create it specific to your sizing if we are sold out. Thank you for supporting locally made sustainable clothing :)